A Case Study:
The Crestmont Inn

The Crestmont Inn is a remarkable, romantic country inn located in the Victorian village of Eagles Mere, in the Endless Mountains of up-state Pennsylvania.

It's charming, the food is great, and the accommodations are perfect for the romantic get-away. Guests are surrounded by peace and quiet, with the options of honeymoon suites and of a jacuzzi for two.

It's the kind of week-end retreat a lot of people are looking for.

But the Crestmont's new owners quickly found the inn's existing web site was virtually invisible to search engines. It couldn't be found unless prospective visitors already knew its domain name.

We analyzed the site and found:
  • The site was built in a structure which made life easier for the designer, but which hid the site from search engines.

  • The site's keywords had little to do with the Inn itself. The designer evidently made sites for a number of businesses in the area and used the same keyword template for all of them.

  • None of the elements which could have legitimately raised the site's search engine ranking had been put in place.

  • The site had not been registered on any of the major engines.

  • The owners decided to have Internet Marketing Strategies fine-tune the site, optimizing it for the maximum search engine visibility possible.

    Results: It worked

    From being invisible to search engines, an optimized Crestmont-Inn.com broke into the top 10 rankings on seven of the top 10 search engines, including a No. 2 ranking on Google within weeks after re-launch.

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