Your Domain Name

Your web site is your domain.

Your domain name is basically your Internet street address. It tells people where to find you.

Basically a .com address suggests a commercial site and is the one most frequently used.

     .org suggests a non-profit organization
     .gov suggests a governmental site
     .tv is often used by television stations, and so on.

Once you have an idea of the domain name you want for your site, you'll need to find out if it's available or if it's already been taken.

If you want to see if a domain name is available, give us a call at (302) 683 - 0997. We'll check it out for you at no charge.

If it's taken we'll help you come up with another one. But if it's available, you'll want to claim it for yourself.


Fees for reserving a domain name are all over the map - some as high as $40.00 per year.
We can reserve the domain you settle on for about $10.00 per year.

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