Is finding your site on the Internet like searching for a needle in a haystack?

Step 2: Problem Resolution

First we determine where you stand in the search engine rankings now. Next we determine how well - or if - your site complies with Best Practices for search engine visibility.

Many web sites were developed by individuals - and even agencies - who were well meaning but inexperienced in search engine requirements.

We'll analyze your existing site based on ranking criteria including - but not limited to:
Registration:  If your site hasn't been registered with the major search engines the chances of being ranked well are greatly reduced. We'll find out if it's been registered or not.

Banned Practices:   Search engines have banned practices which inappropriately attempt direct traffic to a web site. We'll analyze your site to see if it's following current rules. If it's not, search engines can penalize you with lower rankings.
Missed Opportunities: We'll also check to see if you're taking advantage of all the legal methods you can use to help raise your site's search engine placement.
Cloaking Devices: Some of those fancy special effects web designers like to use actually hide your site from search engines. We'll find out if those effects help your site or render it invisible to customers who are trying to find you.
Intellectual Property Protection: We'll report how well your company's logo, images, and other intellectual property are protected, or how vulnerable you may be to cyber pirates.
Based on those results we'll provide you with a full report on your site's condition, including recommendations for helping make your site more visible to your target audiences.

Then we'll fix it. And monitor your rise in search engine visibility.

  Case Study - The Crestmont Inn

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