What's Involved in Creating A Web Site?

Your site has one chance at a good first impression.

On the Internet, your site is the visitor's first impression of who you are. You'll want to make it a good one.

So before you contract with anyone to build a web site for you, you'll need to figure out what you want it to do and what character and presence you want to present.
   Will it be an informational site? To show prospective clients who you are, what you have, and why you're the best choice for their needs?
   Will it be a sales site? Where customers can look through your catalog and order on line?
   Do you want the site to sway opinion, attract members, support a contributions and appeals effort, or do you simply want to promote a sense of organizational pride?
Do you want to wow them with special effects, or get straight to the point?

If the site is sloppy and amateurish, the visitor will assume your business or enterprise is run the same way.

If it's too cluttered with fancy moving graphics, or if visitors can't find what they're looking for (web surfers are notoriously short on patience), they'll leave and find another provider.

So know who you are, how you want to present yourself, and what you want the site to do.

   Reserving a Domain Name.

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